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Same design as our 3D printed adaptors but we have created injection vacuum molded parts with ABS plastic. ABS is much stronger than the 3D printed PLA plastic adaptors and has higher heat tolerance and less flex. These are made to fit tightly and sometimes require a light tap to get the efin to slide in, or a small amount of scraping to remove flash and plastic residue from the mold. Be careful not to hit or tap the propeller or propeller guard as these parts are more fragile.

Check out the video for more details on fit.


There are 3 types available from injection molded ABS plastic.

1. The slide in adaptor fits into most inflatable boards with a slide in fin.

2. The kayak/canoe adaptor can be strapped around just about any board, canoe, or kayak (straps not included). Made for a slightly rounded bottom watercraft. Can be used on a SUP but can result in a ‘loose’ fitting. You can secure an object such as a pool noodle under the adaptor to give the bottom some contour and allow the straps to ‘pull’ into it and provide a more stable fitting.

3. The Flip Lock is designed to fit into inflatable paddle boards that have the Flip Lock type of fin box.

4. Reverse Fin Screw (NOT AVAILABLE in ABS currently) - found on older inflatables. The fin bolt is found under the arch or the back of the fin instead of in the front of the fin


Please take note of the cautions below to ensure your adaptor lasts. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

  • Never leave in direct sunlight, in a hot car, on a hot surface, etc. The plastic can get soft.
  • Never leave the fin/motor in the adaptor attached to the board out of the water. The weight of the motor alone can break the adaptor or damage your fin box. Also do not lay your board bottom down or on its side resting on the fin while in the board.
  • Check water dept and for any objects underwater. Running aground or into an object can damage your adaptor and efin.
  • If the adaptor needs a slight adjustment, you can use sandpaper or tape to shim. Sometimes the inside channels can have pieces of stray plastic from the mold. if this is the case use a curved object to scrape away any debris inside the channel of your adaptor.


Note: ABS adaptors are white in color, the blue ones in the images are our 3D printer version and are for illustrative purposes. This posting is for the white ABS adaptors. It is just for one adaptor

Do not use in shallow waters. Do not leave installed in board with fin while not in use in the water.



efin ABS Injection molded Adaptors


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