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The Full carbon fiber boards offer the best in terms of weight and strength. They have an EPS core and a full layer of carbon fiber cloth from nose to tail and rail to rail with epoxy resin. Carbon Fiber is much stronger material than just typical fiberglass. The additional strength enables less layers of glass, resulting in less weight but a stronger shell.


Our full carbon fiber boards come in several different sizes to accommodate many different rider sizes, experience levels and uses. It is a hybrid or all-around shape that is great for flat water paddling and great for small to mid-size surf. It comes with 3 removable fins, plenty of bungee tie downs for your gear, a deep center hand grip for an easy grab and carry, maintenance free vent plug and a camera mount on the nose to catch the action. The boards are painted in a semi-finished brushed look which enables the black carbon fiber cloth to be seen through on some areas of the board.


Note: Darker colors get hot quickly in the sun. Be sure to get your board in the water or the shade. The paint is a thin layer, but the material underneath is black and will absorb a lot of heat from direct sunlight.


Comes in white or Aqua

10'6 × 31" x 4.5" 186l
11' x 33" x 5"  
11'6 × 34" x 5" 225L


Note: boards are fiberglassed, sanded and polished by hand. Weights are approximate and can vary a little from board to board.

Carbon Fiber Paddle Boards

PriceFrom $1,399.00

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