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Electric Paddle Board Fin Motor - eFin


Dive into the world of electric paddle boarding with Tamarindo Board Co.'s eFin. The Tamarindo eFin is a revolutionary electric motor designed to transform your existing paddle board or isup board into a motorized electric paddle board. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, the Tamarindo eFin is the best choice adding extra propulsion to any paddle board, including an inflatable standup paddleboard.

Don’t spend thousands on electric paddle boards with a built-in electric motor. Instead, keep your own paddle board or inflatable board and add the Tamarindo eFin for the best performance at the best price!

Great option for flat water cruising, assisting with injuries or areas of strong current, fishing, or with the kids so you do not have to do as much work! Not intended for surf or whitewater use.


Kit Includes:

  • Electric Fin with Motor: 200W brushless waterproof motor built into a custom molded fin - provides the best tracking capability compared to other electric motors on the market.
  • Battery pack: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Battery is rated for 1500 cycles - recommended to charge and discharge at least once every month when not being used. Battery is rated 33.3V with capacity of 12AH.
  • Waterproof battery box: Battery box goes on top of the deck and should be strapped down.  Battery box is waterproof and should not be opened and should not be submerged. Battery box can float if it falls off, but it should be securely strapped to the board (or use your board's tie downs).
  • Remote control: Remote control is waterproof up to 3 feet. Comes with a velcro strap to put around your wrist or paddle shaft.
  • Safety shutoff leash: Safety magnetic switch attached to a leash to turn off the motor if you fall off the board.
  • Charger and power cord

Key Features:

  • Power-packed: With a single charge, enjoy a long time of paddleboarding fun.
  • Battery life: On a single charge, enjoy over 6 hours at lower cruising speeds or up to 1.5-2 hours at full speed. Our long lasting battery ensures you have enough juice to enjoy a long time on the water and enjoy the best things that paddleboarding has to offer.
  • You can order efin parts individually. Get a second battery box for double the distance!
  • Speed Variability: Multiple speeds at your fingertips, controlled effortlessly with the remote control. Stick to your average speed, or go full speed with multiple settings, controlled effortlessly with the remote control. Achieve up to 5mph. Most boards (including inflatable sup boards and all around boards) achieve around 3.5-4.5 mph top speed with our electric motor, which is a pretty good pace similar to a strong steady/fast paddle. It is the best speed and battery life of any other product on the market at this price point! Check out our video comparing to other products.
  • Universal Fit: The fin mounts seamlessly into a standard fin box, just like a regular center fin found on most hardboards. It's a great fit for almost any board, including your inflatable paddle board. Seamlessly integrates with major brands, ensuring a perfect fit for your board using one of our custom-made adaptors (sold separately). Not just for inflatable SUPs, it's a great choice for kayaks, canoes, and inflatable boats using our adaptors!
  • Ease of Use: The e-Fin is perfect for use by paddleboarders of all skill levels. Designed for minimal effort and maximum fun!
  • Safety First: No more worrying about strong winds! Equipped with a magnetic safety switch on a leash, ensuring you're safe even in windy conditions. The safety magnetic switch turns off the motor if you fall off, ensuring your personal experience remains safe.


Why eFin? It's not just a great idea; it's a game-changer. Whether you're battling windy conditions or simply want to enjoy the waters with more power less effort, the eFin is an excellent choice for any paddle board. Plus, with a one-year warranty and international shipping options, it's a great thing for paddle enthusiasts everywhere.

Looking for an electric inflatable SUP pump or other high quality paddle board accessories? Check out our accessories for paddle boards for the easiest SUP inflation process and never use a manual pump or hand pump on your inflatable board again. An electric paddle board pump with a dual-action pump ensures the perfect pressure. The deflate function and air hose make it a breeze to set up and pack away.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our one-year warranty.

International Shipping: We cater to paddleboard enthusiasts worldwide. Contact us for international shipping quotes and details on international warranties. Here are a few recent shipping cost examples:

  • Portugal $178
  • UK $168.82
  • Quebec $71
  • Bonaire (Carribean): $141

Please note that this is just the shipping cost. Your country may have additional tariffs, duties or taxes. We can offer the warranty on international shipments with the exception that we cannot cover any additional shipping charges to return or replace an item should the need ever arise.

As a proud local small business in Chesapeake - Virginia Beach, VA, we're not just selling products; we're sharing our personal experience and love for the sport and the best things that you can purchase to enjoy it even more. Experience personalized service, local expertise, and a touch of fun professionalism with every purchase!

Electric Paddle Board Fin Motor - eFin


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