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11' x 36" x 5"

278L - 30.6 lbs


Its bigger, Its better, Its El Grande!

The ultimate in stability and extra volume to support larger paddlers, extra width provides stability for the balanced challenged and for yoga, fishing, pets, kids, etc.

Real natural paulownia wood veneer all around make the board look beautiful. EPS cores with fiberglass and epoxy resin make the board light weight yet durable. The deck is reinforced with a 4' patch of carbon fiber in the standing area to help support more weight and reduce heal/ pressure dings. Has 3 removable fins, a deep center hand grip, vent plug, leash plug, nose and tail bungee tie down plugs for your gear and a camera mount on the nose.

Same board without the wood veneer in white is lower price


The 36” wide deck offers great stability which make it great for yoga but can make it a little slower of a paddle so not as great for touring/ longer paddles and not very maneuverable for the surf.

Recommended for max load weight of ~350lbs.

Max load depends on the paddler skill level and type of paddling.

El Grande SUP

PriceFrom $999.00

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