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Sup and surf foils

Standard foil mount (2 fin boxes 90mm apart)

Full 3k carbon fiber wings, aluminum mast 68cm, fuselage and mount.

Travel bag included. Carbon mast and mount also available for additional cost ($150 each).


Surf foil: Great for foil surfing, slow kite surfing and wake foiling

    Front wing: 62*22*3.5 cm, 
    Rear wing: 40.7*7.5 *1.1cm ;
    Fuselage: 74*4.5*3.4 cm

    Mast: 68cm


Larger SUP foil: Great for Sup surf foiling and slower speed wake foiling. Lots of surface area for maximum lift!

    Front Wing: 92*27 cm,

    Rear Wing:  54*8.5 cm

    Fuselage: 74*4.5*3.4cm

    Mast:  68cm

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PriceFrom $599.00

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