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Tamarindo Low Profile Inflatable Paddle Board:

Two design options available: Blue Hibiscus or Aqua Wave

Tired of the wind always blowing your inflatable off course? Try our low profile inflatables and
glide at the surface with less wind catch.

 Peak Performance: With a thickness of only 5” compared to industry standard 6”, this
board offers a lower center of gravity, ensuring better stability, easier to climb onto in
deep water, and enhanced tracking performance due to reduced wind resistance.

 Adventure Awaits: Dive into the waters with our vibrant designed paddle board. Suitable
for all skill levels. With multiple D-rings, bungees, and action mounts, you can secure
your gear, life preserver, kayak seat, anchor line, cooler, and even your GoPro for those
unforgettable shots!

 Built to Last: Constructed with military-grade 3-layer PVC using fusion technology, our
board guarantees a robust bond and extended durability. The side rails, made of dual-
layer material, combined with our unique linear knitted drop stitch with dense threading
design, ensure the board retains its shape and strength.

 Everything You Need: Each board package includes a double-action manual pump, a
breakdown paddle (not bamboo venner shown in some pictures), 3 removable fins, a valve wrench, a patch kit, and a rolling travel
bag. The universal center fin box ensures compatibility with most paddleboard fins,
including our electric motorized fin.

● Dimensions: 10'8" x 32" x 5"
● Board Weight: 23.4lbs
● Weight Capacity: Up to 275lbs (varies based on experience and load)
● 3-Year Warranty from Tamarindo Board Co.
● Recommended up to 15PSI and rated up to 20PSI max


Special: Ditch your old inflatable hotdog from the big box store and embrace the water with
our low profile paddle board !
Tamarindo Board Co. is a small family run business with unparalleled customer service and
customer support.



Upgrade Your Adventure with eFin! Want to take your paddle boarding experience to the
next level? Consider adding our Electric Paddle Board Fin Motor (eFin) to your board. With
multiple speeds controlled by a wireless remote, you can cruise effortlessly on flat waters,
making it perfect for fishing, leisurely rides, or assisting in areas with strong currents. It's
especially handy if you're paddling with kids or recovering from an injury. The eFin fits
seamlessly into a standard fin box and comes with a battery, remote control, safety shutoff
leash, and charger. Enjoy up to 1.5+ hours of full-speed cruising or over 6 hours at lower
speeds on a single charge. Elevate your paddle boarding adventure today!

Pick Up or Delivery: Located in Chesapeake, VA, we're open for local pickups by
appointment. If you're further away, we've got you covered with our shipping options!




Low Profile Inflatable Paddle Board

$549.00 Regular Price
$449.00Sale Price

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