The Negra is an all-around or hybrid shaped board that is great for flatwater paddling and can handle some surf. The nose is a rounded planning hull designed to provide maximum paddle power and to glide or plane over top of the water as opposed to cutting through. The Negra comes in several sizes to accommodate different riders as well as intended use. A more experienced paddler or SUP surfer will want a smaller size, but a beginner, or someone just looking for flat water paddling will want the larger size for increased stability. The Negra is about an inch narrower than many other boards that are similar in shape. This will make it a little faster but take away just a little stability for the beginners.

The Negra has an EPS foam core, 3 layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin, bamboo wood veneers on the deck and bottom for added strength and appeal. It comes with 3 removable fins, plenty of bungee tie downs for your gear, a deep center hand grip for an easy grab and carry, maintenance free vent plug and a camera mount on the nose to catch the action. Negra was named after Playa Negra which is a short drive south of Tamarindo in Costa Rica. Playa Negra translates to Black Beach. It is a great reef break but does not have black sand as the name would imply. The Negra was one of the first designs we started manufacturing. Initially it was all black rails and black pad, a very attractive look, but practically the black color would get so hot in the sun that you could not put your hand on the rails. We now offer it in a few different color options. (white, light blue, aqua)

Price and availability vary by size.

10' x 30" x 4.75"    22.4lbs

10'6" x 31" x 4.75"    25.4lbs

11' x 32" x 5"     27.6lbs


11'6" x 34" x 5" (colored bottom)    28.6 lbs


Note: boards are fiberglassed, sanded and polished by hand. Weights are approximate and can vary a little from board to board.